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Amy ​Kimlat

Children's book Author

Former Kid Magician

Hocus Pocus ​Practice Focus:

The Making of a Magician

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What The Pro Magicians Are Saying

This book has a captivating story, a ​wonderful moral, and great magic. You ​can tell that it was written by someone ​who really loves and appreciates magic. ​I hope this book will encourage kids to ​work towards their dreams and inspire ​future magicians.

Amanda Nepo

Fooled Penn & Teller on TV at Age 16

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“Why aren’t there more female ​magicians?” I think I’ve gotten that ​question 1000 times. By being a role-​model for young girls getting into ​magic, I believe I can change that one ​day. This book, however, will likely do so ​before me.


Mom & Magician

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Mila's story is magical and relatable, ​teaching kids about the importance of ​practice and preparation, lessons they ​can apply to magic and beyond. As a ​professional magician whose journey in ​magic started with a book, I'm so happy ​thinking about all the kids this book will ​inspire!

Jen Kramer

Las Vegas Headlining Magician

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Lisa Menna

Renowned Magician

Founder of Cause to Wonder

Hocus Pocus Practice Focus is an ​adorably illustrated, well-told story ​about how to become a magician. ​Hidden in the antics of the heroine, ​young readers are left with a ​framework for success. It will be what I ​am giving out as gifts this year.

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This book is refreshing and inspiring. ​It’s an excellent introduction to what it ​takes to learn magic—a skill that builds ​lifelong confidence and interpersonal ​skills. Get this book. I predict it will be a ​huge hit!

Oz Pearlman

Mentalist, Magician, Finalist on America’s ​Got Talent, and Father of Three

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I wish someone had been able to give ​me this book when I was little! It really ​shows what magic is about and how ​much effort it takes to be great. It gives ​every little girl the opportunity to see, ​that there is a place for them in the ​magic world and community.

Sonia Benito

Magician & Brand Choreographer

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I love this ingenious little book. Wise ​story (from personal experience!), full ​of clever rhymes, sweet, funny ​pictures, and even a surprise twist. And ​it comes with a bonus magic trick ​anybody can do. Inspiring!


of the World-Famous Magician Duo,

Penn & Teller

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Amy Kimlat writes a young hero for our t​ime. Mila is a recognizable young girl w​ho discovers that real magic arrives w​ith practice and focus. A refreshing a​nd inspiring present-day gem.

Mi​chael Carbonaro

T​he Carbonaro Effect

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This is the first book every young ​magician should read. Along with Mila, ​readers of all ages will learn one of the ​deepest secrets of magic: that it is less ​about ‘the tricks’ and more about ​finding joy in the work and play of ​crafting a fine performance.

Dr​. Larry Hass

Dean, McBride's Magic & Mystery School

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Every child is born magical, but only ​some learn how to become magicians ​and share their magic with the world. ​Join Mila and Greta to learn the real ​secrets required to delight and amaze.

Pa​ul Draper

Diversity & Inclusion Committee,

The​ Magic​ Castle & The Magic Circle

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A fun story that gives young girls a role ​model and the guidance needed to ​start their own journey in magic. I might ​have found magic much sooner if I'd ​had this book.

Ashleigh Goodwin

UK Close-Up Magician and Cardist

Dania Díaz

Award-Winning Magician

Finalist on Spain's Got Talent

My inner child jumped with joy when ​she read this book! Without a doubt, ​this book will help a lot of girls to feel ​seen, inspired, and motivated to enter ​into the wonderful world of magic.

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Do your magical children a favor and ​get them this book-the strong ​representation of diverse magicians ​will not only inspire but empower kids ​to succeed. This is the book I wish I had ​as a young magician.

Kayla Drescher

Award-Winning Magician

Host of the Shezam Podcast

Teaches the lesson of perseverance & ​dedication to a craft which is...one of the ​most important elements to success in ​the arts...a wonderfully heartwarming and ​inspiring book full of playful and lyrical ​rhymes with echoes of Seuss.

Magical Katrina

As Seen on TV's Masters of Illusion and ​Penn & Teller: Fool Us

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Penn Jillette

of the World-Famous Magician Duo,

Penn & Teller

Magic has been a boys’ club for way, ​way, way too long. That’s changing and ​quickly. This book will make it change ​even quicker. I have no doubt the next ​magic superstar will have started out ​as a girl magician. And, she will fool us ​all!

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Like all budding magicians (and young ​people who want to learn something ​new) [Mila] discovers the values of ​focus, tenacity and lots and lots of ​practice. With rhyming prose and ​utterly delightful illustrations, this book ​is engaging and lots of fun.

Susan Zeller

The Magical Storyteller

I wish this book existed when I was a ​kid! As a professional magician and ​magic teacher, I have seen firsthand ​how important representation is in ​encouraging all children to pursue ​magic. I know this book will truly inspire ​the next generation of magic makers!


The Songstress of Magic

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...Makes it easy for children to learn h​ow they can succeed at performing magi​c. What a wonderful surprise that Mila​’s female magician mentor is a person ​of color. I predict this book will have​ a huge impact around the world f​or young girls and women in magi​c​!​

Te​ssa Evason

of the Renowned Mentalist Duo,

The​ Evaso​ns

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Very interesting and fascinating book. ​Take the book to heart and practice, ​practice, practice till you can act it well. ​And enjoy every minute.

Gloria Dea

The First Magician to Perform in Las Vegas

With this book, Amy Kimlat writes little ​girl magicians into the collective in new ​and important ways. She ​communicates that magic is an art ​which requires discipline, encouraging ​a respectful, dedicated and thoughtful ​approach to learning something new.

Ro​semary Reid

Cr​eator, Sisterhood Playing Cards

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This is the book I have wished for, ​something to recommend to parents of ​young magicians. It's so sweet and ​wonderfully written, I think this will be ​one of those books children ask for at ​bedtime night after night.

Carisa Hendrix

Guinness World Record-Holding Fire Eater

Magic Castle Stage Magician of the Year

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A book that every child interested in ​magic should have, and every girl ​interested in magic needs.

David Copperfield

Legendary Las Vegas Magician

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Magic is a serious art form that requires ​study and practice. Amy Kimlat delivers ​this message using playful rhyme and a ​fun story of a plucky young heroine's ​discovery of the demands and rewards ​of presenting first-rate "Hocus Pocus."

Lisa Cousins

Librarian of Hollywood's Magic Castle

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Mat Franco

Winner, America's Got Talent

Magic requires more than just talent. ​This book is a wonderful introduction to ​magic that illustrates the importance ​of practice and perseverance through ​an engaging story.

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Amy perfectly depicts the highs and lows, ​the laughs and tears that are part of the ​process of becoming a magician in a way ​my son can understand but still feel ​inspired to do. If I had this book when I was ​kid, I might have stuck with magic rather ​than waiting until my 30s...

Simone Turkington

Magician & Performer,

Hollywood's Magic Castle

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This book is absolutely delightful! What ​an inspiration for all children who want ​to learn about magic. It's especially ​inspirational for girls who need good ​role models who look like them.


Fooler, TV's Penn & Teller Fool Us

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As a children's magician for over 30 ​years, I wish I had had this wonderful ​book to recommend to the hundreds of ​girls (and boys!) who asked me how ​they could learn to do magic.

Margaret Steele

"Amazing Magical Margo"

and Magic Historian

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A fabulously fun read for anyone ​interested in not just magic but any ​hobby. It teaches patience and that if ​you truly want to learn something to ​never give up. It shows inclusivity and ​support in a profession mostly ​dominated by males.

Gw​yn Auger

The Magic Assistant

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Mila and her mentor, Greta the Great, ​the kind of magicians I wish I could ​have seen more of as a kid starting out ​in magic. Persistence and mentorship ​are equally important to making real ​magic as they are to supporting a new ​generation of women in magic.

An​gela Sanchez

Fo​under, Women's Magicians Association

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