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Amy ​Kimlat

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Hocus Pocus ​Practice Focus:

The Making of a Magician

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What The Pro Magicians Are Saying

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This book has a captivating story, a ​wonderful moral, and great magic. You ​can tell that it was written by someone ​who really loves and appreciates magic. ​I hope this book will encourage kids to ​work towards their dreams and inspire ​future magicians.

Amanda Nepo

Fooled Penn & Teller on TV at Age 16

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“Why aren’t there more female ​magicians?” I think I’ve gotten that ​question 1000 times. By being a role-​model for young girls getting into ​magic, I believe I can change that one ​day. This book, however, will likely do so ​before me.


Mom & Magician

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Mila's story is magical and relatable, ​teaching kids about the importance of ​practice and preparation, lessons they ​can apply to magic and beyond. As a ​professional magician whose journey in ​magic started with a book, I'm so happy ​thinking about all the kids this book will ​inspire!

Jen Kramer

Las Vegas Headlining Magician

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Hocus Pocus Practice Focus is an ​adorably illustrated, well-told story ​about how to become a magician. ​Hidden in the antics of the heroine, ​young readers are left with a ​framework for success. It will be what I ​am giving out as gifts this year.

Lisa Menna

Renowned Magician

Founder of Cause to Wonder

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This book is refreshing and inspiring. ​It’s an excellent introduction to what it ​takes to learn magic—a skill that builds ​lifelong confidence and interpersonal ​skills. Get this book. I predict it will be a ​huge hit!

Oz Pearlman

Mentalist, Magician, Finalist on America’s ​Got Talent, and Father of Three

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I wish someone had been able to give ​me this book when I was little! It really ​shows what magic is about and how ​much effort it takes to be great. It gives ​every little girl the opportunity to see, ​that there is a place for them in the ​magic world and community.

Sonia Benito

Magician & Brand Choreographer

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I love this ingenious little book. Wise ​story (from personal experience!), full ​of clever rhymes, sweet, funny ​pictures, and even a surprise twist. And ​it comes with a bonus magic trick ​anybody can do. Inspiring!


of the World-Famous Magician Duo,

Penn & Teller

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Amy Kimlat writes a young hero for our t​ime. Mila is a recognizable young girl w​ho discovers that real magic arrives w​ith practice and focus. A refreshing a​nd inspiring present-day gem.

Mi​chael Carbonaro

T​he Carbonaro Effect

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This is the first book every young ​magician should read. Along with Mila, ​readers of all ages will learn one of the ​deepest secrets of magic: that it is less ​about ‘the tricks’ and more about ​finding joy in the work and play of ​crafting a fine performance.

Dr​. Larry Hass

Dean, McBride's Magic & Mystery School

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Every child is born magical, but only ​some learn how to become magicians ​and share their magic with the world. ​Join Mila and Greta to learn the real ​secrets required to delight and amaze.

Pa​ul Draper

Diversity & Inclusion Committee,

The​ Magic​ Castle & The Magic Circle

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A fun story that gives young girls a role ​model and the guidance needed to ​start their own journey in magic. I might ​have found magic much sooner if I'd ​had this book.

Ashleigh Goodwin

UK Close-Up Magician and Cardist

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My inner child jumped with joy when ​she read this book! Without a doubt, ​this book will help a lot of girls to feel ​seen, inspired, and motivated to enter ​into the wonderful world of magic.

Dania Díaz

Award-Winning Magician

Finalist on Spain's Got Talent

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Do your magical children a favor and ​get them this book-the strong ​representation of diverse magicians ​will not only inspire but empower kids ​to succeed. This is the book I wish I had ​as a young magician.

Kayla Drescher

Award-Winning Magician

Host of the Shezam Podcast

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Teaches the lesson of perseverance & ​dedication to a craft which is...one of the ​most important elements to success in ​the arts...a wonderfully heartwarming and ​inspiring book full of playful and lyrical ​rhymes with echoes of Seuss.

Magical Katrina

As Seen on TV's Masters of Illusion and ​Penn & Teller: Fool Us

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Magic has been a boys’ club for way, ​way, way too long. That’s changing and ​quickly. This book will make it change ​even quicker. I have no doubt the next ​magic superstar will have started out ​as a girl magician. And, she will fool us ​all!

Penn Jillette

of the World-Famous Magician Duo,

Penn & Teller

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Like all budding magicians (and young ​people who want to learn something ​new) [Mila] discovers the values of ​focus, tenacity and lots and lots of ​practice. With rhyming prose and ​utterly delightful illustrations, this book ​is engaging and lots of fun.

Susan Zeller

The Magical Storyteller

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I wish this book existed when I was a ​kid! As a professional magician and ​magic teacher, I have seen firsthand ​how important representation is in ​encouraging all children to pursue ​magic. I know this book will truly inspire ​the next generation of magic makers!


The Songstress of Magic

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...Makes it easy for children to learn h​ow they can succeed at performing magi​c. What a wonderful surprise that Mila​’s female magician mentor is a person ​of color. I predict this book will have​ a huge impact around the world f​or young girls and women in magi​c​!​

Te​ssa Evason

of the Renowned Mentalist Duo,

The​ Evaso​ns

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Very interesting and fascinating book. ​Take the book to heart and practice, ​practice, practice till you can act it well. ​And enjoy every minute.

Gloria Dea

The First Magician to Perform in Las Vegas

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With this book, Amy Kimlat writes little ​girl magicians into the collective in new ​and important ways. She ​communicates that magic is an art ​which requires discipline, encouraging ​a respectful, dedicated and thoughtful ​approach to learning something new.

Ro​semary Reid

Cr​eator, Sisterhood Playing Cards

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This is the book I have wished for, ​something to recommend to parents of ​young magicians. It's so sweet and ​wonderfully written, I think this will be ​one of those books children ask for at ​bedtime night after night.

Carisa Hendrix

Guinness World Record-Holding Fire Eater

Magic Castle Stage Magician of the Year

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A book that every child interested in ​magic should have, and every girl ​interested in magic needs.

David Copperfield

Legendary Las Vegas Magician

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Magic is a serious art form that requires ​study and practice. Amy Kimlat delivers ​this message using playful rhyme and a ​fun story of a plucky young heroine's ​discovery of the demands and rewards ​of presenting first-rate "Hocus Pocus."

Lisa Cousins

Librarian of Hollywood's Magic Castle

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Magic requires more than just talent. ​This book is a wonderful introduction to ​magic that illustrates the importance ​of practice and perseverance through ​an engaging story.

Mat Franco

Winner, America's Got Talent

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Amy perfectly depicts the highs and lows, ​the laughs and tears that are part of the ​process of becoming a magician in a way ​my son can understand but still feel ​inspired to do. If I had this book when I was ​kid, I might have stuck with magic rather ​than waiting until my 30s...

Simone Turkington

Magician & Performer,

Hollywood's Magic Castle

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This book is absolutely delightful! What ​an inspiration for all children who want ​to learn about magic. It's especially ​inspirational for girls who need good ​role models who look like them.


Fooler, TV's Penn & Teller Fool Us

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As a children's magician for over 30 ​years, I wish I had had this wonderful ​book to recommend to the hundreds of ​girls (and boys!) who asked me how ​they could learn to do magic.

Margaret Steele

"Amazing Magical Margo"

and Magic Historian

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A fabulously fun read for anyone ​interested in not just magic but any ​hobby. It teaches patience and that if ​you truly want to learn something to ​never give up. It shows inclusivity and ​support in a profession mostly ​dominated by males.

Gw​yn Auger

The Magic Assistant

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Mila and her mentor, Greta the Great, ​the kind of magicians I wish I could ​have seen more of as a kid starting out ​in magic. Persistence and mentorship ​are equally important to making real ​magic as they are to supporting a new ​generation of women in magic.

An​gela Sanchez

Fo​under, Women's Magicians Association

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This book is perfect. The author imparts life lessons in an approachable, inspiring way. The book demonstrates to kids the power of resilience, of practise, and of focus—And, most important, that these life lessons are all accessible, to anyone.

Julie Eng

Executive Director, Magicana

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